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The Sussex County Miners Go to Bat For a “Select” Local Business

By Nicole Mitchell

Augusta, NJ – The Sussex County Miners showed their passion for fostering and supporting strong community relationships when over 600 employees from Selective Insurance attended last Wednesday’s game against the Ottawa Champions at Skylands Stadium. Located right up the hill from Skylands in Branchville, NJ, Selective Insurance has been a deeply-rooted community-minded business since 1926. A provider of both personal and business insurance, Selective has been a neighbor and partner of the Miners ever since the club’s inception in 2014. With this communal spirit in mind, the Miners were ecstatic to shine the communal spotlight on Selective Insurance by hosting a fun-filled day for their employees. 

Skylands Stadium hosted the Selective employees in style. They feasted on tasty food and drinks at the pavilion and picnic area, watched a thrilling baseball game, and some lucky employees took part in on-field promotions. The afternoon was theirs and it looked like they certainly enjoyed it!

What does a special day like this mean for the Miners, to host a local company and keep the community first in mind? The Corporate Sales Manager of the Miners, Joann Ciancitto, shed some light on the day’s impact for the team. She explained how Selective had been very interested in bringing a group of their employees to the ballpark and how the Miners wanted to make the event extra special for their neighbors. When Ciancitto and Herbie the Miner met with members of the Human Resources teamto discuss details for the company’s afternoon at Skylands Stadium, “I told them which games we would be doing [on-field], and then the company created contests at their Branchville headquarters to get employees involved.”From those contests, employees were selected to participate on game day. “It made the day even more special,” Ciancitto added.

Matt Rohsler, Human Resources Director,agreed with Ciancitto when he described the competition. “We hosted a ‘Selective Idol’ contest and selected two employeesto sing the National Anthem and God Bless America. We also hosted dizzy bat and YMCA dancing contests, as well as a pitch-for-accuracy contest to select employees to throw out the first pitch,” Rohslerexplained. “A lot of employees got involved in these competitions and we had a good turnout of fans to cheer them on in anticipation for game day at Skylands–Herbie the Miner even showed up to support employees.”Rohsler continued on to say what an afternoon at a Miners games brought to Selective Insurance. “We’re excited to be here to celebrate our employees and support our local baseball team, the Miners. It’s right down the hill from where we work, and it’s a great opportunity for colleagues to have fun together outside of the office.” Rohsler emphasized how the two organizations have “a great partnership” and how that partnership spreads appreciation around for the employees as well as the community. 

The Miners are committed to bringing attention to different organizations, causes, and businesses and the outing for Selective Insurance served to remind everyone of the importance of showing appreciation for local companies. These are the companies that not only take the time to support the community, but also create a fun and loving work environment, which is what the Sussex County Miners are all about and is proud to support.